We are currently asking for resumes to fill all film crew positions from 2nd 2nd Assistant Director down to Production Assistant. Arrangements maybe possible for unpaid interns who are looking for or are in need of film related experience to fulfill college credit degree requirements.

The movie will be filmed in Pittsburgh, Strasburg, PA, Philadelphia, New York City & London England, From Aug - Oct 2013. The movie is a 1930's period set film about Sir Winston Churchill & his Family. The movie is a USA & UK co-production with a SAG Nominated Actor Producing it.
The crew that is hired will only be needed for the PA & NYC filming locations. A separate crew will be hired for the UK filming. Exceptions maybe made for some Dept. Heads in order to maintain film continuity in England with the USA filming.

Please follow the film via twitter @STTLmovie & @Bearcubfilms
Facebook Struggle To the Light

If you are interested, email a resume, contact info & a photo to STTL-crew@hotmail.com and to bearcubproductions@hotmail.com Put what position you are applying for in the subject line. Thank you.
Preference given to crew members who have experience working on movies and/or TV shows set in the 1920's -1930's time period. State this in your email.
Only those being selected for an interview or are offered a position will be contacted. If you submit a resume and you do not receive a reply within 2 weeks then you are not being considered for a crew position.

(All cast and crew MUST sign a Confidentiality & Non Disclosure agreement and return it with in 3 days of being hired, and as a condition of being hired)." />
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Advanced Search

Posted Date |Job Type |Summary |Contact Information |Compensation
Oct, 29 2014 Crew  Grips, Part-Time Gaffer, Script Supervisor, PAs, or DIT   aschulsinger@verizon.net  Paid
Oct, 29 2014 Crew  Sound Recordist: Nov 2-4   nmscreative@gmail.com  Paid
Oct, 28 2014 Crew  Sound Recordist   consumptionfilm@gmail.com  Paid
Oct, 28 2014 Cast  Seeking Full Cast for Dramatic short film -- Push   mattmurraymedia@gmail.com  Volunteer
Oct, 28 2014 Cast  CASTING: Young girl, Father, Mother.   tuf49003@temple.edu  Volunteer
Oct, 28 2014 Cast  Casting Asian Actresses (Ages 5-8; 10-13; 20-25; 30-40) and Actors (Ages 30-40)   TigerFilm2015@gmail.com
(215) 260-8968
Oct, 28 2014 Cast  Extras In Temple Graduate Thesis Film   rightsongwrongchord@gmail.com  Volunteer
Oct, 28 2014 Staff  Duplication / CMR Technician (Seasonally, January thru July)   nflfilmshr@nfl.com  Paid
Oct, 27 2014 Crew  Seeking a sound person   fairwolfproductions@gmail.com  Paid
Oct, 27 2014 Cast  Actor–Male–Age Range 30 to 45   smoyer@uarts.edu
(201) 952-1279
Oct, 27 2014 Crew  Special Effects   NightOfThrillsHiring@onrideent.com  Paid
Oct, 27 2014 Cast  The Dark Knight Interrogation Short   Jeremy.Pierce45@gmail.com
(267) 237-2569
Oct, 27 2014 Crew  NYU Thesis seeks GRIPS   jtg303@nyu.edu  Volunteer
Oct, 27 2014 Crew  STUDIO/SET TEACHER   alex.shkiler3@gmail.com
(818) 287-1137
Oct, 28 2014 Cast  Seeking French Speaking Actress   ofajim@hotmail.com  Volunteer
Oct, 28 2014 Crew  Seeking Makeup Artist   ofajim@hotmail.com  Paid
Oct, 27 2014 Cast  Open Call for Impure the Movie   impurethemovie@gmail.com  Paid
Oct, 26 2014 Cast  Actors Needed for a Feature Film   marc.dickerson84@gmail.com  Deferred
Oct, 26 2014 Crew  Producer Needed for Feature Film   marc.dickerson84@gmail.com  Deferred
Oct, 27 2014 Staff  German Translator - Documentary   ww2archivist@gmail.com  Paid
Oct, 27 2014 Cast  German Speaking Male Actor   ww2archivist@gmail.com  Paid
Oct, 26 2014 Cast  Actress- product demo video   markp@summary.com  Paid
Oct, 26 2014 Cast  Actors for short training videos - 4 actors   markp@summary.com  Paid
Oct, 25 2014 Cast  MISCONDUCT-Short Film Casting   misconductfilm@gmail.com  Paid
Oct, 23 2014 Cast  Caucasian Female Actor Needed for a Principal Role for a short, around 47 - 57 years old   tuf14262@temple.edu  Deferred
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