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Our Goals are threefold. First, we serve to attract film & video production to the region, including everything from feature films to TV commercials to music videos and industrial films. Second, we provide the producer free assistance with parking, permits, labor and locations, and generally act as the liaison between the productions and the local community, cutting red tape as we go. Finally, we serve to grow the local film and video industry in every way possible, recognizing its huge economic impact in job creation and its unparalleled public relations effects for the region.

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Production Update

Free Listings for Crews & Vendors on Film.org!

We are happy to announce that all professional Crew & Vendor Listings are FREE on Film.org and will also be FREE on FilmInPA.com, the statewide production directory.

Usernames/Passwords have been emailed to existing Listers. Check your inboxes!

New users please click here to register today!

Enhance Your Exposure: Listing Tips| Advertising Rates

This new platform is hosted by our longtime partners at ReelCrew, developers of ReelScout, a trusted data management vendor for more than 40 film commissions, worldwide.  

Company Spotlight
Mangrove Media Captures Your Audience

Mangrove Media (L.L.C.) has a collection of award-winning artists and creative professionals who bring our storytelling experience to both non- and for-profit organizations. Mangrove Media's work has been featured in theaters, national television, across the web, in fundraising campaigns, museum installations, product launches, feature-length documentaries, sales and educational videos. Ben Kalina, the founder of Mangrove Media, has had his works featured on DirectTV, Discovery's Planet Green network and PBS. Ben has an MFA in Film and Media Arts from Temple University. 

The Mangrove Media filmmakers understand how to communicate a complex story in a tidy package with authenticity, values and style. Whether you need to let people know you exist, communicate with your stakeholders, publicize a product launch, jumpstart a fundraising campaign, or simply spread the word about your organization a video can help you touch your audience in a way nothing else can. 

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